Kristen Stain

The Roxanne Saturday Studio is built on a foundation of collaboration, deriving resources and supporting existing local business in order to create value-add products, increase positive economic impact, and ensure respect for creative communities.

The Roxanne Saturday Collection toes the line between old soul sophistication and her youth. She is a global woman, and a local girl. Roxanne is defined by a balance between opposites, clothed with pieces that are culturally appropriate without alienating, encouraging acceptance with a global sense.

The Roxanne Saturday style is about classic female power married to a modern edge, reflecting and responding to cultural heritage and a metropolitan attitude.

The clothing is a conversation about the many lives that women have always led and the new frontiers ahead of her. These are the clothes you wear while you break the glass ceiling.

Each piece has a strength and character of its own, and it’s the styling that makes every look legible—the pieces yield to the wearer’s many needs. 

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